• 02.07.2024

    Greetings from Mars in competition at Giffoni 54 in Italy

    At this year’s Giffoni Film Festival, which takes place from July 19 to 28, 2024, the film „Greetings from Mars“ by Sarah Winkenstette will be shown. The film tells the story of 10-year-old Tom, who copes with change with the help of his astronaut suit. While his mother is on a business trip, Tom and his siblings move in with their grandparents and experience exciting adventures there.

    The Giffoni Film Festival is known for its diversity and empathy. This year, over 100 films are competing, dealing with topics such as ethnic discrimination, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the challenges of growing up. In total, over 3,000 productions were pre-selected and evaluated by the Giffoni jury. The winners of the Gryphon Award are decided by more than 5,000 young jurors from 33 countries.

  • 11.06.2024

    Theo Kretschmer wins GOLDENER SPATZ for “Greetings from Mars”

    Great success for lead actor Theo Kretschmer: at this year’s GOLDENER SPATZ, he was awarded Best Actor for his outstanding portrayal of Tom in “Greetings from Mars”.

    With over 112 events, the 32nd German Children’s Media Festival in Erfurt and Gera offered a diverse media experience for children and young people. The children’s jury was particularly impressed by Kretschmer’s performance and awarded him one of the coveted trophies. A photo from the award ceremony shows Kretschmer together with director Sarah Winkenstette and festival director Elisabeth Wenk.

    We congratulate Theo Kretschmer on this well-deserved success!

  • 04.06.2024


    “Totem” opens in cinemas on Thursday, June 6, 2024. Visit the movie in the following cities: Augsburg, Berlin, Bochum, Bremen, Dortmund, Dresden, Emden, Freiburg, Fürstenfeldbruck, Gelsenkirchen, Gera, Hamburg, Ingolstadt, Kempten, Kiel, Cologne, Leipzig, Munich, Münster, Nuremberg, Oberhausen, Rostock, Soest, Stuttgart and Templin.

    “Totem” by Sander Burger is a co-production with the Netherlands (Volya Films), Luxembourg (Tarantula), Leitwolf Film and NDR. German distribution is being handled by Farbfilm. Funding in Germany comes from MOIN.

  • 23.05.2024

    END OF FILMING FOR "Fucking Freedom"

    The filming of „Fucking Freedom“ is now complete. After intensive weeks in Hamburg and the surrounding area, we have successfully shot the last scenes. It was an exciting and moving shoot and we can hardly wait to present the final result.

    A big thank you goes to our fantastic team, the talented cast and the generous funding from MOIN Filmförderung, nordmedia, BKM and DFFF.

  • 21.05.2024


    Erfurt/Gera, April 11, 2024: From June 2 to 8, 2024, the 32nd German Children’s Media Festival Goldener Spatz invites you back to the cinemas in Gera and Erfurt. This year’s program includes 112 events with German-language films, television productions and digital offerings for children and young people.

    One highlight is the opening film “Greetings from Mars”. Other premieres and anniversaries, such as the 125th anniversary of Erich Kästner and the 65th anniversary of the Sandman, round off the program.

    In the Cinema TV and Digital competition, 41 nominated entries will be competing for the coveted Spatzen trophies.

    More information can be found here: https://goldenerspatz.de/goldener-spatz-gibt-festivalprogramm-2024-bekannt/

  • 30.04.2024


    At the renowned Barnefilmfestivalen in Kristiansand, Norway, the children’s film co-production from Leitwolf Filmproduktion by director Sarah Winkenstette (screenplay: Thomas Moeller and Sebastian Grusnick) won two of the main prizes.
    The jury for “Best International Feature Film” honored the story of 10-year-old Tom, who would like to travel to Mars but first has to spend the summer vacations with his hippie grandparents.
    The European Children’s Film Association also awarded GREETINGS FROM MARS, which was produced in collaboration with NDR, HR and Kika, as “Best European Film for Children”.
    GREETINGS FROM MARS was filmed last summer in Hamburg and the surrounding area (production design: Jakob Berger, production design: Susanna Haneder). Support was provided by MOIN Film funding, Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, nordmedia, BKM, FFA and DFFF.

  • 17.04.2024

    Shooting starts for the movie "Fucking Freedom"

    „You know, I’d rather walk through the park 100 times and get raped once than take a detour every evening out of fear. Freedom has to be worth that much,“ says main character Nore in the feature film „Ficken für Freiheit“, which Leitwolf Filmproduktion has been shooting in Hamburg since Monday.

    In her debut, director and writer Hille Norden poses questions about freedom and sexual self-determination and tells the story of a special female friendship. She was already nominated for that for the German Screenplay Award in 2023.

    Dana Herfurth („Nore“) and Luna Jordan („Jonna“) play the leading roles, as well as Vera Fay („Little Nore“) and Jakob Gessner („Michel“). Other roles include Johann von Bülow, Jan-Georg Schütte, Meike Droste, Campbell Caspary, Marcel Heupermann and Wanja Mues. Sabine Jankowski is DoP, Anette Unger and Sven Rudat are the producers and Paula Lichte is in charge of production.

    Filming will continue in Hamburg and the surrounding area until the end of May. The cinema co-production is being made in collaboration with ZDF kleines Fernsehspiel (editors: Sara Günter and Jakob Zimmermann), with Kinescope co-producing. The project is supported by MOIN Filmförderung, nordmedia, the BKM and the DFFF. Neue Visionen is on board as the German distributor.

  • 16.04.2024

    ‚Greetings from Mars‘ celebrates premieres

    Our film ‚Greetings from Mars‘ is finished and we are very happy!

    It is celebrating its world premiere at the Barnefilmfestivalen in Kristiansand and will be shown there in the competition. https://barnefilmfestivalen.no/en/program/hallo-fra-mars/

    The film has also been invited to the Goldener Spatz in Gera and Erfurt. We’re also in the competition there and opening the festival. This is a great honor https://goldenerspatz.de/festival/programmdetails-kino-tv/?flim_page=details&flim_id=30663&schedule_uid=729

    We are excited to see where else the journey will take us.

  • 18.10.2023

    More awards for 'TOTEM'....

    At the end of September, TOTEM was able to impress at the Schlingel International Film Festival and thus win the European Children’s Film Award in Chemnitz. The prize is endowed with 12.500€. We are very happy!

    Furthermore, the film won the PELLI Award – the prize of the children’s jury – at the KinderFilmFest Muenster.

    Our heartfelt thanks go to the prize donors, the cinema operators, the juries and the entire film festival teams.

    „Mein Totemtier und Ich“ by Sander Burger is a co-production with the Netherlands (Volya Films), Luxembourg (Tarantula), Leitwolf Film and NDR. German distribution is handled by Farbfilm. Funding in Germany comes from MOIN.

  • 06.10.2023

    'Totem' wins at the Michel in Hamburg

    We are incredibly happy about receiving the MAJA award yesterday for our co-production ‚Mein Totemtier & ich‘. The prize, endowed with 10,000€, was awarded for the first time this year in the course of the MICHEL Filmfest in Hamburg.

    Our heartfelt thanks go to the prize donor, cinema operator Hans-Peter Jansen, the children’s jury and the entire film festival team.

    Here you can find more information: https://www.filmfesthamburg.de/news/maja-fuer-mein-totemtier-ich/

  • 15.09.2023


    We are very happy to announce that our co-production TOTEM (with Volya Films, NL, Tarantula, LUX) is represented at several national and international film festivals this year. Here in Germany, the film will screen at three festivals this fall:

    At SCHLiNGEL (23.-30.09. in Chemnitz), at MICHEL (29.09.-05.10. in Hamburg) and at LUCAS (05.-12.10. in Frankfurt).

  • 01.09.2023

    End of filming for 'Greetings from Mars'

    And now it’s already over again. On Wednesday, August 30, the last take of our children’s movie ‚Greetings from Mars‘ was shot in Hamburg. Shooting took place in July and August in Appen/Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg. It was an intensive and great shooting and we are now looking forward to the finished film.

    A big thank you goes out to the whole team, crew & cast and the film funders who supported us: MOIN Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, nordmedia – Film- und Mediengesellschaft Niedersachsen/Bremen mbH, Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, FFA, BKM, and DFFF.


  • 25.08.2023

    Start of filming of the series 'Festmachen'

    On Tuesday, 22.08. the first take for our ‚Nordlichter‘ series FESTMACHEN fell. From 22.08. to 20.09. we will shoot the five-part series in Bremen, primarily at the Oslebshausen lock and the surrounding area.

    The series is part of the Nordlichter program, which is a program of Norddeutscher Rundfunk, MOIN Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein and nordmedia – Film- und Mediengesellschaft Niedersachsen/Bremen mbH.
    The series stars Salka Weber, Nina Petri, Jochen Nickel, Nils Rovira-Munoz, Karsten Antonio Mielke, Meryem Ebru Öz and many more.

    Click here for the NDR start of filming announcement:


  • 18.07.2023

    Start of filming 'Greetings from Mars'

    The time has finally come…we are very pleased that the first take for the children’s and family film Greetings from Mars fell today. The film is directed by Sarah Winkenstette (ZU WEIT WEG) and stars Eva Löbau, Michael Wittenborn and Hedi Kriegeskotte.

    Filming will take place from 18.07. – 31.08.2023 in Appen/Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg.

    A big thank you goes already now to the entire film team and to the film fundings: MOIN Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, nordmedia – Film- und Mediengesellschaft Niedersachsen/Bremen mbH, FFA, BKM, Film- und Medienstiftung NRW and DFFF.

  • 01.04.2023

    Film- und Medienstiftung NRW SUPPORTS 'GREETINGS FROM MARS'

    We are very happy about the support of the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, which supports our production ‚Greetings from Mars‘ with 250.000€ in production funding. Shooting will take place this summer and we are really looking forward to it.

    Thank you very much!

    Click here for the funding decision:

    Die Film- und Medienstiftung NRW fördert 22 Projekte mit rund 4,88 Mio. Euro

  • 10.12.2022

    FFA supports 'Greetings from Mars' with production funding

    We are very happy about the great support of the German Federal Film Board (Filmförderungsanstalt, FFA), which supports us with 250.000€ for our production ‚Greetings from Mars‘ (by Thomas Möller and Sebastian Grusnick).

    We send a heartfelt thank you to the FFA and look forward to realising the project.

    Click here for the funding decisions:

    FFA funding decisions


  • 23.11.2022


    We are very happy to announce that our project ‚Lämpchen‘ (by Julia Keller) is supported by MOIN Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein with 39.000€ in the category project development.

    We say: Thank you very much!

    Click here for the funding decisions:


  • 24.10.2022

    MOIN promotes 'Greetings from Mars' with a production grant

    We are very happy about the great support of MOIN Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, which supports us with 480,000€ for our production ‚Greetings from Mars‘ (by Thomas Möller and Sebastian Grusnick) in the Director’s Cut panel.

    We are very grateful for the funding and look forward with great anticipation to the realisation of the project.

    Click here for the funding decisions:


  • 20.10.2022

    FFA supports 'HAPPY NO END' with script funding

    We are very happy to announce that our project ‚HAPPY NO END‘ (by Simone Höft) is supported by the FFA in the category screenplay with 25.000€.

    We say: Thank you very much!

    Click here for the funding decisions:


  • 18.10.2022


    On Wednesday 12 October, TOTEM celebrated its world premiere as the opening film at cinekid in Amsterdam. We are very happy about the positive feedback from the audience and the press.

    Here are a few impressions from the premiere:


    The Netherlands, Amsterdam, 12 October 2022. Cinekid Opening at Pathe Noord. All photos: Corinne de Korver

  • 29.08.2022

    Greetings from Mars selected at the Cinekid Junior Co-production market!

    We are very happy to announce that our production ‚Greetings from Mars‘ has been selected as one of the 20 projects at this year’s Junior Co-production Market 2022. The market will take place from 18-22 October in Amsterdam as part of Cinekid, the world’s leading film and audiovisual festival for children and young people. The 20 selected projects were submitted from 15 countries. The market offers space for exchange and funding opportunities for participants, producers and broadcasters.

    More about the selected projects here:


  • 26.08.2022

    TOTEM opens the Cinekid Festival in Amsterdam

    Totem (by Sander Burger) will premiere on the twelfth of October as the opening film of Cinekid Amsterdam!

    The renowned children’s film festival is taking place for the 36th time this year and we are very happy to present the co-production with Volya Films (NL) there.


  • 16.06.2022

    Passepartout at the SERIES LAB

    In June, twenty writer/producer teams from all over Europe came together to work on their scripts with experienced script consultants at the Series Lab Hamburg organised by MOIN, Letterbox Filmproduktion and 15 Creative Europe Desks.

    Among them was our drama series PASSEPARTOUT.

    Over the course of three days, writer Florian Fey and producer Paula Lichte received valuable input and had an exciting exchange with international colleagues.


    Here is a detailed report:


  • 17.03.2022

    nordmedia supports project development of "Festmachen".

    In the first awarding session of 2022, nordmedia funded the project development of our workplace drama series „Festmachen“ by Hilke Rönnfeldt as part of the „Nordlichter“ programme.

    Cast off! Or rather: All clear to moor in the Bremen lock!

    We are very happy and thank very much for the support!

    Click here for the funding decisions:


  • 09.02.2022

    MFG funds development of "Looking for Sandman

    We are very happy about the support of MFG Baden-Württemberg, which is funding the development of our mystery series „Looking for Sandman“ (by Lavina Stauber). Many thanks for that.

    Click here for the funding decisions:


  • 07.02.2022

    MOIN supports project development of "Passepartout

    Hello art!

    We are very happy about the support of MOIN Filmförderung, which is funding our drama series „Passepartout“ (by Ipek Zübert, Johannes Rothe and Florian Fey) in project development! Many thanks!


    Click here for the film funding website:


  • 24.09.2021

    Greetings from Mars among the last three // Emder Screenplay Award

    GREETINGS FROM MARS in the race for the Emden script award
    Our tragic comedy GRÜSSE VOM MARS by Thomas Möller and Sebastian Grusnick, funded by Moin Filmförderung, is one of the three nominations for the EMDER SCREENPLAY AWARD
    On October 8th the award ceremony takes place during the Emden Film Festival. We keep our fingers crossed and we are really happy!

    GREETINGS FROM MARS is supposed to be a funny and touching comedy about the great goals of an outsider, whose otherness is at the same time his secret strength. A film that brings the different generations together, even if they sometimes perceive themselves as beings from strange planets.

  • 18.11.2020

    MEDIA funding for “Luzie’s Mad World”

    Our latest children’s film “Luzie’s Mad World” by writer Anna Lott has received funding by Creative Europe MEDIA Single Project Development support in their latest funding round. Our project was supported as one of seven German projects.

    We’re extremely happy and excited to continue the development of this fun project and dive deeper into Luzie’s mad world.

    Here’s the link to the German press release (only in German):

    Creative Europe press release

  • 14.05.2020

    In times of Corona: funding success with new projects

    As part of the incentive funding program 3×3 initiated by the FFHSH as part of the Corona-support measures, Leitwolf was selected as 1 out of 13 companies from the funding region. The support allows us to develop the script for our new children’s film GREETINGS FROM MARS by writers Thomas Möller and Sebastian Grusnik, based on the children’s book with the same title, as well as launch the development for two new screenplays in the next three years.

    In March, our international co-production, the coming of age film MNK BOY by director Mete Gümürhan had already received production support from the FFHSH. The film is a coproduction between Circe Films (NL) and Liman Film (Turkey).

    We also received funding from the nordmedia film fund: Our children’s film CALYPSO ALL NIGHT (Die ganze Nacht Calypso) by writer Ulrich Klingenschmitt and director Damian Schipporeit was awarded script funding in the last funding round.

    Here are the links to the official press releases by FFHSH and nordmedia (only in German):

    Projects FFHSH  


  • 04.03.2020

    MESSI & MAUD Free-TV premiere

    On Thursday, March 5th, our award-winning Dutch-German coproduction MESSI AND MAUD (LA HOLANDESA) by Marleen Jonkman will air on arte Germany and France.

    The film will air at 23:40h (in Germany) and 23:35h (in France) and will be availbale for streaming online subsequently for 7 days on the arte platform:

    Messi & Maud german
    Messi & Maud france

  • 31.01.2020

    ROMY’S SALON now in German cinemas!

    On January 30th, ROMY’S SALON celebrated its Hamburg premiere. Actress Beppie Melissen (Grandma Stine), writer Tamara Bos and director Mischa Kamp came to Hamburg to celebrate the German release together with the Leitwolf team and other team members.

    ROMY’S SALON is in German cinemas now. All viewing times under: Viewing Times ROMYS SALON

  • 14.11.2019

    ROMY’S SALON wins prizes at Cinekind and in Chicago

    Our family film ROMY’S SALON won Best Dutch Family Film at the renowned CINEKID children’s film festival in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The film was also awarded 2nd prize by the professional jury at Chicago International Film Festival. In Germany, ROMY’S SALON is continuing its successful festival run. After sold-out screenings in Lübeck at the Nordic Film Days, the film travels on to Oldenburg, Vienna, Cologne and Braunschweig before its official release to German theatres on January 30.

  • 09.10.2019


    Today ROMY’S SALON is celebrating its German festival premiere at the SCHLINGEL International Film Festival in Chemnitz. More festivals in Germany are coming up. Director Mischa Kamp will present her film at the screenings in Münster and Bielefeld.

  • 13.09.2019

    Exclusive previews for World Alzheimer’s Day

    Already before its official release in January 2020, our family film ROMY’S SALON will be screening in selected cinemas in Germany. For World Alzheimer’s Day and throughout the whole week of dementia September 16-22 exclusive previews will be showing in selected German cinemas, with the support of the German Alzheimer’s Association.


    To find a preview near you visit: http://www.romyssalon.de 
    or find ROMY’S SALON on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RomysSalon.Film

  • 10.09.2019

    Three projects receive support by nordmedia

    We are overjoyed and thankful that regional film fund nordmedia has granted support for three of our projects. Our Belgium-Dutch-German family comedy MY DAD IS A SAUSAGE, a coproduction with A Private View (Belgium) and The Film Kitchen (The Netherlands) received production support and is currently in production in Belgium. The children’s film LUZIE’S CRAZY WORLD by Anna Lott and the thriller NACHTTAXI by Carsten Woike were granted screenwriting support.

    Here’s the link to the official press release (only in German): Normedia press release

  • 05.08.2019

    Start of Production of MY DAD IS A SAUSAGE in Belgium

    Today, principle photography begun on our Belgium-Dutch-German coproduction MY DAD IS A SAUSAGE, starring Johan Heldenbergh (known from „The Broken Circle Breakdown“). Heldenbergh plays a father, who from one day to the next decides to quit his job at a bank and pursue a career in acting instead.  While his family believes he has gone mad, only daughter Zöe (Savannah Vandendriessche) believes in her dad’s dream. The debut feature by director Anouk Fortunier has received support from nordmedia and Eurimages among others and is being produced in co-production with NDR.

  • 11.05.2019

    ROMYS SALON: Interview with Mischa Kamp & Tamara Bos (in German)

    While finalizing the last touches of the post sound on our German-Dutch co-production ROMY’S SALON, our team received a visit from the representatives of the Film Fund Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, who supported our project. Besides taking a look (and a listen) at the almost finished film, they asked director Mischa Kamp and writer Tamara Bos some questions. The complete interview has been published in the AUFBLENDE magazine of the film fund. However, it’s only available in German: https://aufblen.de/de/Interviews/2019/20190510-romys-salon-tamara-bos-mischa-kamp.php

  • 10.05.2019

    ROMY’S SALON is awarded at Barnefilmfestival (Norway)

    After celebrating ist world premiere at the renowed children’s film festival in Kristiansand, Norway, our Dutch-German co-production ROMY’S SALON took home the main prize of the festival, the BFF Children’s Film Award. We’re extremely honored and proud that the film was so well received.

    Here’s the explanation of the jury:
    The winner deals with two persons in a relationship that develops from skepticism to a growing respect and ends up with a unique cooperation. The movie is funny, wistful, tragic and full of love. It is impressively well acted and told in a way that is calm, yet full of tension. The ending brought tears to the eyes of the jury. It will be suitable for tying bonds between the youngest and oldest generation.

  • 24.10.2018

    Das Leben vor mir

    Our TV-Film DAS LEBEN VOR MIR will be airing on Wednesday, October 24th, 2019 at 20:15h on ARD. Directed by Anna Justice the film features a rather unusual family constellation and stars Matthias Habich, Stephan Kampwirth and Eleonore Weisgerber in the lead roles.

  • 11.10.2018

    Frankfurter Buchmesse Film award 2018

    Even before it’s official release, our Dutch-German coproduction Romy’s Salon picked up ist first prize. The family film was awarded the prize for Best International Literary Adaptation for Children or Young Adults at the Frankfurter Buchmesse, the international publishing industry’s biggest trade fair.


In production
In development


13-year-old Elias has been waiting half his life for a donor heart. Finally, the time has come. But when he wakes up after the heart transplant, an unknown boy is standing next to his bed. Elias is the only one who can see him. “You have my heart,” says the boy. And he has a mission for Elias, which presents him with a great challenge.


Genre Childrens feature film
Writers Thomas Möller & Sebastian Grusnick
Book Brenda Heijnis
Förderung MOIN Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein


When an aerial bomb from the Second World War is found on a building site and an entire residential area has to be evacuated as a precaution, the evacuated residents find themselves in the old gymnasium right next to a refugee shelter, of all places. Prejudices, fears and hostility increase the longer the bomb disposal takes and eventually threaten to escalate.

We experience the story from the perspective of 14-year-old Anne, who clashes with Faried, who is the same age, during running training. Faried has fled Afghanistan and now lives in the shelter. Although the two don’t like each other at first, they get to know each other better during the evacuation.

But there is also 17-year-old, right-wing extremist Tobi, who is interested in Anne, and last but not least Anne’s father Achim, who also has no love for refugees.

While the explosive ordnance disposal team on the construction site do everything they can to defuse the bomb, it is Anne and her grandmother Clara who try to prevent the escalating conflict in the accommodation.

Clara herself experienced the Second World War as a child and quickly realizes what is at stake here.

When Anne’s supposedly stolen bicycle turns up outside the refugee shelter and Achim recognizes it, the situation threatens to get out of hand for good.

For the first time in her life, Anne has to take a political stance and even stand up to her father…


Genre Children's feature film
Writers Sebastian Grusnick & Thomas Moeller
Director Linus Liyas
Broadcaster ZDF KiKA


School friends Nore and Jonna meet again by chance in their mid-twenties and decide to move in together. In conversation, it becomes clear that Nore was never the precocious femme fatale that Jonna admired and condemned in equal measure, but an abused child. As Nore struggles to reclaim the narrative for herself and not be a victim, a deep friendship develops and a perspective for Nore to deal with the abuse.


Genre Drama feature film
Author Hille Norden
Director Hille Norden
Broadcaster ZDF
Film funding Production funding by MOIN Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, nordmedia - Film- und Mediengesellschaft Niedersachsen/Bremen mbH, BKM, DFFF


When transman Leon (20) moves to Hamburg to study, he comes into contact with the ultra soccer fan scene, which seems to offer him exactly what he was missing with its unconditional cohesion and archaic image of masculinity. Finally recognized as a man among men and no longer a victim. But does that mean becoming a perpetrator?


Genre Drama-series
Author Vincent Schleuning
Film funding MOIN FIlmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein // Script funding


LAMPIE (10), the daughter of the lighthouse keeper, is sent as a punishment to be a maid in the eerie house of the admiral, where rumour has it that a monster lurks. But what she finds there is stranger and more beautiful than any monster. A fairytale adventure begins…


Genre Fantasy/Fairy tale
Author Julia Keller (based on the novel Lampje by Annet Schaap
Film funding MOIN Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein // Project development


Because TONI (11) messes with friend HEIN, a still young and inexperienced edition of the „Grim Reaper“, the soul of her beloved dog HAPPY turns into a ghost. Now they both have a deadly serious problem that they can only solve together.


Genre Fantasy/Comedy
Writer Simone Hoeft
Film funding Script funding by the FFA


There’s glamour in the smallest hut! That’s why presenter Yared Dibaba sets off on a journey to track down small, as yet unknown spots in the north! He knocks on doors, talks to the residents on the street, in the village pub or directly in the field at work, so that they show him their beautiful home. In this way, Yared discovers new things in the north – from unknown gems to funny transit villages – and lets them tell him why their inhabitants want to live here and nowhere else!


Genre Docutainment series
Director Antonia Friese, Oliver Drerup & Oliver Kleinfeld
Length 6x30 min.
Release 2022
Host Yared Dibaba
Broadcaster NDR
Supported with funds from nordmedia - Film- und Mediengesellschaft Niedersachsen/Bremen mbH // Production funding


In LOOKING FOR SANDMAN, 28-year-old Nathalie, following the accidental death of her mother, a respected sleep researcher, experiences an accumulation of very real nightmares that repeatedly present her with the circumstances of her mother’s death.

And seem to contain more information than Nathalie can know in reality.

When Nathalie returns to her home village in the Black Forest to care for her still teenage brother, she comes across secret and possibly illegal studies of her mother, whose participants are suffering from massive side effects. They are barely responsive while awake, but in her dreams Nathalie encounters the same people clearly and tidily.

Together with her old school friend Lothar, Nathalie gets to the bottom of her mother’s research, and soon understands that all is not right at the local research center for dreams and sleep, and that the mystery surrounding her dreams will call her entire family history into question.


Genre Mystery series
Writer Lavina Stauber
Film funding MFG // Script development


The workplace dramedy tells the story of the young ship’s officer Malika, who is relieved of her duties on board after an incident for which she is responsible. After realizing that her barely existent private life on land is also collapsing, Malika is forced to find her way in an unloved job as a mooring officer on the Bremen lock.

In this new and very unique world, Malika is faced with the question of whether her great childhood dream of seafaring can actually make her happy, or whether it has turned into a mere escape in recent years.


Genre Dramedy series
Writer Hilke Rönnfeldt
Director Hilke Rönnfeldt
Supported with funds from nordmedia - Film- und Mediengesellschaft Niedersachsen/Bremen mbH // Script and project development; Nordlichter Programm


„A fucked-up Tribute to Motherly Love“ is an adult fairy tale peppered with horror. Samuel Dirk, a 48-year-old piano tuner, is cleaning out his house because his wife recently exploded from stress. To make Samuel’s life „complete“ again, his mother, who makes magical jams, brings in Samuel’s oldest friend.

They persuade Samuel to go on a whirlwind German joyride, forcing him to grapple with the question of what makes a happy life before returning home with new perspectives for one last taste of his mother’s magical concoction.


Genre drama/dark comedy/fantasy
Writer & Director Dan Geesin
Co-Production Rots Filmwerk (NL)
Supported with funds from nordmedia - Film- und Mediengesellschaft Niedersachsen/Bremen mbH // Production funding


What actually happens when you are suddenly in someone else’s body? A bunch of chaos. This is exactly what happens to two very different kids after a rather bizarre electrical short. Curtain up for: Mia and Ben.


Genre Family Entertainment
Writer Leandra Ullrich
Director Linus Liyas
Supported with funds from nordmedia - Film- und Mediengesellschaft Niedersachsen/Bremen mbH // script development


Spring awakening is one of the most performed plays on German theatre stages. This is a modern adaption which is also set in 1891 and is very similar to the original plot but the language will be simplified and different cinematic stylistic devices will be used.


Genre Drama/Literature adaptation
Writer Fabian Hebestreit
Director Martin Busker
Film funding Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung // Script development


The heist of a priceless painting brings very different characters from both legal and illegal sides of the art business together. All of them try not to be caught up in a whirlwind of activity. 


Genre High-End Series
Idea Anette Unger, Florian Vey & Johannes Rothe
Writer Florian Vey & Johannes Rothe & Ipek Zübert
Film funding MOIN Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein // Script development, Project development


11-year-old Ama lives in the Netherlands as the daughter of illegal immigrants. When her family is about to be deported, she can hide but witnesses the arrest of her mother and brother. Searching for her father Ama finds herself alone wandering around Rotterdam – until her Totem animal reveals itself to her and accompanies her.



  • Opening Film and world premiere at Cinekid, Oct. 2022
  • New York International Children’s Film Festival, 2023
  • JEF Festival, 2023 – Winner Audience Award
  • Stockholm International Film Festival, 2023
  • Luxembourg City IFF, 2023 – Winner in the categories: School jury and children jury
  • SCHLiNGEL internationales Filmfestival, Chemnitz, 2023
  • MICHEL Kinder & Jugend Filmfest, Hamburg, 2023
  • Lucas Filmfestival, Frankfurt, 2023


Genre Family Entertainment
Writer Sander Burger & Bastiaan Tichler
Director Sander Burger
Co-Production Volya Films (NL), Tarantula (L)
German Broadcaster NDR KIKA
German Distributor farbfilm Verleih
Film funding MOIN Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein // Production funding


When their mother gets ready to leave for a business trip, Tom (10) and his siblings Elmar (13) and Nina (15) have to stay with their grandparents in the middle of nowhere in Northern Germany. The problem is that granny and grandpa have completely forgotten that their grandchildren are going to be staying with them and are all but prepared. Since Tom, who is a bit peculiar, has trouble dealing with the change, his mom presents the move as a preparation for his biggest dream, a mission to Mars.


Genre Family Entertainment
Writer Sebastian Gusnick & Thomas Möller (based on their children’s novel)
Director Sarah Winkenstette
DoP Jakob Berger
Set Design Susanna Haneder
Film Funding MOIN Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein // 3x3 Script, Project development & Production funding, production fundings from FFA, nordmedia Filmförderung and Film- and Medienstiftung NRW
Broadcaster NDR, HR, KiKA


Martin, an outsider with not many friends, is forced to spend his summer holidays in an outdoor camp in the woods with his step brother and a
group of kids scouts. Martin is not interested in adventures in the wildnis or camping and would much prefer staying at home and playing video games. When discovering tiny magical creatures that inhabit the forest and whose habitat is being destroyed by construction work, Martin learns to overcome his aversion to nature in order to help the forest creatures save the forest.


  • International Children and Youth Film Festival BUFF, Schweden (World premiere)
  • Zlin Film Festival (Czech premiere)
  • Internationales Kinder- und Jugendfilmfestival Schlingel (German premiere)
  • International Film Festival for Children and Youth, Iran
  • Kinderfilmfest Münster
  • Chicago International Children’s Film Festival
  • and more


Genre Family adventure Film with magical elements
Release 2021
Writer Katerina Kačerovská

Director Petr Oukropec

Co-Production BFILM (CZ, SK)
Cast Sebastian Pöethe, Josefína Krycnerová, Tobiáš Rímský, Václav Hubka, Aleš Petráš, Vasil Fridrich, Kristýna Boková u.v.a.
German broadcaster KiKa
Supported with funds from nordmedia - Film- und Mediengesellschaft Niedersachsen/Bremen mbH // Production funding


Grandma, who is still actively working as a hairdresser, is struggling with the early stages of Alzheimer’s. Romy doesn’t like having to go to the hairdressing salon every day, but this changes when grandma Stine confides in her granddaughter, telling her about her increasing confusion. Romy realises that grandma is not only taking care of her, she will have to take care of her grandma in return. The bond between grandmother and granddaughter grows stronger as grandma seems to change more and more: she is sweeter than before, easier, and she recounts tales of her childhood in Denmark. Romy helps grandma run the salon the best she can, but when they can no longer manage together, Romy comes up with a plan. She decides to make grandma’s dearest wish come true.


  • Barnefilmfestival Kristiansand (World Premiere, Award for Best Film)
  • Busan International Kids & Youth Festival
  • Giffoni Film Festival (Special Award)
  • Kinderfilmfestival Schlingel (German Premiere)
  • Cinepänz Köln (Best Film)
  • Zlín Film Festival
  • Cinekid (Best Dutch Family Film)
  • Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival
  • Chicago International Children’s Film Festival (2nd prize by the Professional Jury for Best-Live Action Feature)

and more



Genre Family Entertainment
Release 2019
Director Mischa Kamp
Writer Tamara Bos
Cast Vita Heijmen, Beppie Melissen, Noort Je Herlaar, Guido Pollemans
Co-Producer Bos Bros (NL)
German Broadcaster NDR KiKA (Holger Hermesmeyer)
German Distributor farbfilm Verleih
World Sales Attraction Distribution
Film funding MOIN Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein; Eurimages


Cornelius, in his 70s, lives in a long and happy relationship with his younger husband Frank. After thirty years without any contact or an announcement, the woman who Cornelius had left after realizing that he loves men and with whom he has two children, suddenly shows up at his doorstep. Julia, formerly a successful journalist, is back in Germany after having spent most of her life in San Francisco. When asked for the reasons for her return she announces that she is terminally ill and does not have much more time to live. Out of a sense of pity and responsibility for his estranged former spouse, Cornelius takes Julia in with him – much to Frank‘s surprise. The confrontation with his former life shakes Cornelius‘ present existence…


Genre TV-Drama
Release 2018
Director Anna Justice
Writer Sathyan Ramesh
Producer Anette Unger, Sven Rudat & Markus Gruber
Cast Matthias Habich, Stephan Kampwirth, Eleonore Weisgerber, Maren Eggert, Florian Panzner, u.a.
German Broadcaster NDR (Daniela Mussgiller)


Eleven-year old ZOË is shocked to learn that DAD has quit his bank job to make a living as an actor. His rash move upsets the family dynamic. Zoë is afraid that it may ultimately lead to a breakup between Mum and Dad. She will need to come out of her shell to save her family.


  • Cinequest (World premiere)
  • Leeds International Film Festival (European premiere)
  • Internationales Kinder- und Jugendfilmfestival Schlingel (German Premiere)
  • Bernefilmfestivalen Kristiansand
  • St. Paul International Film Festival
  • Film Festival Oostende (won the Ensor price for best youth fiction)
  • Giffoni Film Festival
  • and more


Genre Family Entertainment
Release 2021
Writer Jean-Claude van Rijckeghem - based on the book 'Mon père est une saucisse' by Agnès de Lestrade
Director Anouk Fortunier
Co-Production A Private View (BE), The Film Kitchen (NL)
Cast Savannah Vandendriessche, Johan Heldenbergh, Hilde De Baerdemaeker, Jade De Ridder, Ferre Vuye, Camilla Blereau, Serge-Henri Valcke, Robbe Vandenven, Chokri Benchikha, Katja Uffelmann
German broadcaster NDR
German distributor farbfilm
Supported with funds from Creative Europe MEDIA; Eurimages; nordmedia- Film- und Mediengesellschaft Niedersachsen/Bremen mbH


While on vacation in Chile, Dutch tourist Maud abandons her husband to travel alone. When she befriends ‘Messi’, a local boy who fills a void in her heart, the pair embark on a road trip to reinvent themselves.


Toronto International Film Festival, 2017 (World premiere)
Rotterdam International Film Festival, 2018 (European premiere)
Internationales Filmfest Emden-Norderney, 2018 (German premiere)
Festival des deutschen Films, 2018


Genre Drama, Roadmovie
Release 2017
Director Marleen Jonkman
Writer Dan Gielis
Cast Rifka Lodeizen, Cristóbal Farias, Guido Pollemans, u.a.
Producer Smarthouse Films (NL), Fatt Productions (NL
German Broadcaster SR / arte
German Distributor déjà-vu film
World Sales Visit Films
Supported with funds from nordmedia - Film- und Mediengesellschaft Niedersachsen/Bremen mbH // Production incentive


The Matthiesen’s seem to have an almost natural tendency for failure in their family. Stony-broke Esther, Rachel and Thirza return to the pre-pomeranian „prairie“ of their childhood, where their alcoholic father welcomes them as unruly as ever. But the once idyllic horse riding school is completely overgrown. The last refuge of the stranded siblings is in danger: the bank wants to take over the stud because of the ever increasing debt. When faced with the loss of their family‘s property, hidden powers and a strong bond awakens within the stubborn family clan.


Genre TV-Drama
Release 2016
Director Titus Selge
Writer Sathyan Ramesh
Co-Production Memento Film Berlin
Cast Matthias Habich, Julia Jäger, Ulrike C. Tscharre, Anja Antonowicz
German Broadcaster ARD Degeto


Passion, art – and a blooming garden.

Philipp Keyer is chasing a lost painting. It‘s his last chance to get back
on his feet professionally. He knows no scruples when he has to use
the young painter Alma to approach the owner of the painting. Too late Philipp realizes that he is becoming more and more addicted to the young woman…


Genre TV-Drama
Release 2017
Director Dominik Graf
Writer Markus Busch
Co-Producer Memento Film Berlin
Cast Victoria Sordo, Friedrich Mücke, Hildegard Schmahl, Emma Jane, Ernst Jacobi, u.a.
Germen Broadcaster BR
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    As an independent production company, LEITWOLF FILM stands for individuality, for art that touches, for the courage to create high-quality productions from initial ideas, for trust in young talents and appreciative cooperation with experienced filmmakers.

    We love to tell stories, whether as a series or a feature film, whether family entertainment or mystery, whether media library formats or TV – with passion and dramaturgical expertise we are involved in our projects! We highly appreciate national and international co-productions and look back on enriching and valuable projects that have positioned us as a professional and reliable producer on the market in a short time. Topics such as sustainability, social relevance, diversity, but also humor and lightness have and will always accompany us in our productions in the future. In doing so, we never lose sight of artistic quality and high-quality content.

    Founded in 2016, we are now present in northern Germany with our two locations in Hamburg and Bremen and can draw on an extensive network of national and international contacts.


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