• 13.09.2019

    Exclusive previews for World Alzheimer’s Day

    Already before its official release in January 2020, our family film ROMY’S SALON will be screening in selected cinemas in Germany. For World Alzheimer’s Day and throughout the whole week of dementia September 16-22 exclusive previews will be showing in selected German cinemas, with the support of the German Alzheimer’s Association.


    To find a preview near you visit: http://www.romyssalon.de 
    or find ROMY’S SALON on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RomysSalon.Film

  • 10.09.2019

    Three projects receive support by nordmedia

    We are overjoyed and thankful that regional film fund nordmedia has granted support for three of our projects. Our Belgium-Dutch-German family comedy MY DAD IS A SAUSAGE, a coproduction with A Private View (Belgium) and The Film Kitchen (The Netherlands) received production support and is currently in production in Belgium. The children’s film LUZIE’S CRAZY WORLD by Anna Lott and the thriller NACHTTAXI by Carsten Woike were granted screenwriting support.

    Here’s the link to the official press release (only in German): Normedia press release

  • 05.08.2019

    Start of Production of MY DAD IS A SAUSAGE in Belgium

    Today, principle photography begun on our Belgium-Dutch-German coproduction MY DAD IS A SAUSAGE, starring Johan Heldenbergh (known from „The Broken Circle Breakdown“). Heldenbergh plays a father, who from one day to the next decides to quit his job at a bank and pursue a career in acting instead.  While his family believes he has gone mad, only daughter Zöe (Savannah Vandendriessche) believes in her dad’s dream. The debut feature by director Anouk Fortunier has received support from nordmedia and Eurimages among others and is being produced in co-production with NDR.

  • 11.05.2019

    ROMYS SALON: Interview with Mischa Kamp & Tamara Bos (in German)

    While finalizing the last touches of the post sound on our German-Dutch co-production ROMY’S SALON, our team received a visit from the representatives of the Film Fund Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, who supported our project. Besides taking a look (and a listen) at the almost finished film, they asked director Mischa Kamp and writer Tamara Bos some questions. The complete interview has been published in the AUFBLENDE magazine of the film fund. However, it’s only available in German: https://aufblen.de/de/Interviews/2019/20190510-romys-salon-tamara-bos-mischa-kamp.php

  • 10.05.2019

    ROMY’S SALON is awarded at Barnefilmfestival (Norway)

    After celebrating ist world premiere at the renowed children’s film festival in Kristiansand, Norway, our Dutch-German co-production ROMY’S SALON took home the main prize of the festival, the BFF Children’s Film Award. We’re extremely honored and proud that the film was so well received.

    Here’s the explanation of the jury:
    The winner deals with two persons in a relationship that develops from skepticism to a growing respect and ends up with a unique cooperation. The movie is funny, wistful, tragic and full of love. It is impressively well acted and told in a way that is calm, yet full of tension. The ending brought tears to the eyes of the jury. It will be suitable for tying bonds between the youngest and oldest generation.

  • 24.10.2018

    Das Leben vor mir

    Our TV-Film DAS LEBEN VOR MIR will be airing on Wednesday, October 24th, 2019 at 20:15h on ARD. Directed by Anna Justice the film features a rather unusual family constellation and stars Matthias Habich, Stephan Kampwirth and Eleonore Weisgerber in the lead roles.

  • 11.10.2018

    Frankfurter Buchmesse Film award 2018

    Even before it’s official release, our Dutch-German coproduction Romy’s Salon picked up ist first prize. The family film was awarded the prize for Best International Literary Adaptation for Children or Young Adults at the Frankfurter Buchmesse, the international publishing industry’s biggest trade fair.


In production
In development
Three Letters Only
Martin and the Forest’s Secret
Luzies verrückte Welt
Romys Salon
Das Leben vor mir
Tigress in the Cage
My Dad Is A Sausage
Messi and Maud
Matthiesens Töchter
Am Abend aller Tage
Beatle Meets Destiny

Three Letters Only

Kat and Flo have been BFFs since childhood. Now in their late 20s, they live together like an old married couple. But when their 10-year high school reunion is coming up, the two women are faced with the fact that they are almost 30 and still haven’t achieved much. The confrontation with their past eventually even makes them question their long-lasting friendship.


Genre Dramedy
Director Julia Ritschel
Writer Cherokee Agnew

Martin and the Forest’s Secret

Martin, an outsider with not many friends, is forced to spend his summer holidays in an outdoor camp in the woods with his step brother and a
group of kids scouts. Martin is not interested in adventures in the wildnis or camping and would much prefer staying at home and playing video games. When discovering tiny magical creatures that inhabit the forest and whose habitat is being destroyed by construction work, Martin learns to overcome his aversion to nature in order to help the forest creatures save the forest.


Genre Family adventure Film with magical elements
Director Petr Oukropec

Writer Katerina Kačerovská

Co-production BFILM (CZ, SK), Wajda Studio (POL)

Luzies verrückte Welt

LUZIE is nine years old and she generally gets along quite well in school – if it weren‘t for LEON and his mean horror gang, who reign the school yard with fear. When Leon kidnaps Luzie‘s beloved guinea pig HERKULES on a school trip, he has gone too far. Through her cleverness, optimism and with a big scoop of fantasy Luzie manages to reclaim what‘s hers – but it takes true courage to finally stand up to her bullies.


Genre Family Entertainment
Writer Anna Lot (based on her children’s novels „Luzies verrückte Welt“ and „Luzies verrückte Welt – Meerschwein gehabt“)
Partners Nordmedia Film- und Mediengesellschaft Niedersachsen/Bremen mbH

Romys Salon

Grandma, who is still actively working as a hairdresser, is struggling with the early stages of Alzheimer’s. Romy doesn’t like having to go to the hairdressing salon every day, but this changes when grandma Stine confides in her granddaughter, telling her about her increasing confusion. Romy realises that grandma is not only taking care of her, she will have to take care of her grandma in return. The bond between grandmother and granddaughter grows stronger as grandma seems to change more and more: she is sweeter than before, easier, and she recounts tales of her childhood in Denmark. Romy helps grandma run the salon the best she can, but when they can no longer manage together, Romy comes up with a plan. She decides to make grandma’s dearest wish come true.


  • Barnefilmfestival Kristiansand (World Premiere, Award for Best Film)
  • Busan International Kids & Youth Festival
  • Giffoni Film Festival (Special Award)
  • Kinderfilmfestival Schlingel
  • Zlín Film Festival


Genre Family Entertainment
Release 2019
Director Mischa Kamp
Writer Tamara Bos
Cast Vita Heijmen, Beppie Melissen, Noort Je Herlaar, Guido Pollemans
Co-Producer Bos Bros (NL)
German Broadcaster NDR KiKA (Holger Hermesmeyer)
German Distributor farbfilm Verleih
World Sales Attraction Distribution
Partners Filmfund Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, Eurimages

Das Leben vor mir

Cornelius, in his 70s, lives in a long and happy relationship with his younger husband Frank. After thirty years without any contact or an announcement, the woman who Cornelius had left after realizing that he loves men and with whom he has two children, suddenly shows up at his doorstep. Julia, formerly a successful journalist, is back in Germany after having spent most of her life in San Francisco. When asked for the reasons for her return she announces that she is terminally ill and does not have much more time to live. Out of a sense of pity and responsibility for his estranged former spouse, Cornelius takes Julia in with him – much to Frank‘s surprise. The confrontation with his former life shakes Cornelius‘ present existence…


Genre TV-Drama
Release 2018
Director Anna Justice
Writer Sathyan Ramesh
Producer Anette Unger, Sven Rudat, Markus Gruber
Cast Matthias Habich, Stephan Kampwirth, Eleonore Weisgerber, Maren Eggert, Florian Panzner, u.a.
German Broadcaster NDR (Daniela Mussgiller)

Tigress in the Cage

Tischa, „The Tigress“ has one dream: she wants to become the world champion in female bodybuilding. She has been working long and hard to get where she is now. At the age of 48, she is extremly good in shape and as close to reaching her dream as never before. In her attempt to reach the top of the bodybuilding world, Tischa has to struggle for acceptance in a largely male-dominated sport. While pushing beyond her physical limits, Tischa is also faced with personal problems: loneliness, an estranged daughter she tries to reconnect with, making enough money to get by through muscle worshiping and BDSM sessions, while maintaining her dignity.


Genre Drama
Director Philipp Fussenegger
Writer Philipp Fussenegger, Zazou Röver
Co-Producer FunFairFilms (Michael Steinwand)
Partners Medien- und Filmstiftung NRW (script development) 2017, JETS-Program 2018, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg 2018 (project development)


HOWLING WOLVES tells the stories of 5 people who meet by coincidence -
or is it fate? In an episodic mosaic drama the 5 individual stories are cleverly linked. The place of encounter is a truck stop somewhere at the border between Germany and France. A place of fleeting encounters.
This is where employee VERA finds ANOUK, the girl who was forgotten there by her class on their trip to Germany. This is where the first awkward encounter between acting student MAX and the young mother GRETA takes place, that will change so much. Truck driver HELGE stops here every time he passes through or even makes an extra stop, just to see Vera.


Genre Episodic Drama
Writer Cherokee Agnew
Partners German Federal Film Fund (treatment development), Filmfund Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein (script development) 2019


During a nightly ride, a female Turkish cab driver and her conservative German passenger are being followed by a limousine with tinted windows. When fear and uncertainty about their mysterious follower increase, the two have to overcome their differences and eventually find themselves confronted with sins from their past.


Genre Thriller
Writer Carsten Woike
Partners NDR, nordmedia (script development) 2019

My Dad Is A Sausage

Eleven-year old ZOË is shocked to learn that DAD has quit his bank job to make a living as an actor. His rash move upsets the family dynamic. Zoë is afraid that it may ultimately lead to a breakup between Mum and Dad. She will need to come out of her shell to save her family.


Genre Family Entertainment
Director Anouk Fortunier
Writer Jean-Claude van Rijckeghem - based on the book 'Mon père est une saucisse' by Agnès de Lestrade
In co-production with A Private View (BE), The Film Kitchen (NL)
Cast Johan Heldenbergh, Hilde De Baerdemaeker, Camilla Blereau
Partners NDR, Creative Europe MEDIA, Eurimages

Messi and Maud

While on vacation in Chile, Dutch tourist Maud abandons her husband to travel alone. When she befriends ‘Messi’, a local boy who fills a void in her heart, the pair embark on a road trip to reinvent themselves.


Toronto International Film Festival, 2017
Rotterdam International Film Festival, 2018
Internationales Filmfest Emden-Norderney, 2018
Festival des deutschen Films, 2018


Genre Drama, Roadmovie
Release 2017
Director Marleen Jonkman
Writer Dan Gielis
Cast Rifka Lodeizen, Cristóbal Farias, Guido Pollemans, u.a.
Producer Smarthouse Films (NL), Fatt Productions (NL
German Broadcaster SR / arte
German Distributor déjà-vu film
World Sales Visit Films
Partners nordmedia (production incentive)

Matthiesens Töchter

The Matthiesen’s seem to have an almost natural tendency for failure in their family. Stony-broke Esther, Rachel and Thirza return to the pre-pomeranian „prairie“ of their childhood, where their alcoholic father welcomes them as unruly as ever. But the once idyllic horse riding school is completely overgrown. The last refuge of the stranded siblings is in danger: the bank wants to take over the stud because of the ever increasing debt. When faced with the loss of their family‘s property, hidden powers and a strong bond awakens within the stubborn family clan.


Genre TV-Drama
Release 2016
Director Titus Selge
Writer Sathyan Ramesh
Co-Producer Memento Film Berlin
Cast Matthias Habich, Julia Jäger, Ulrike C. Tscharre, Anja Antonowicz
German Broadcaster ARD Degeto


Pizza joint owner LUCAS‘ life could hardly be any worse. Not only is he
up to his neck in debt, but the loving husband also has to take care of
his terminally ill wife LENE and his chaotic and way-too-carefree teenage sister LUCIE. What‘s more, no one seems to be ordering pizza these days anymore. Lucas tries his best not to give up and to keep the joint running with the help of his co-worker SOPHIE. When a new customer places a large order, Lucas is presented with the chance to fix his broken life and to finally turn things around, even though it means that he will have to enter the infamous and dangerous world of the local red-light district.


Status In development
Genre TV-Drama Serie
Writer Justin Koch, Jan Eichberg
Partners nordmedia (script development) 2018

Am Abend aller Tage

Passion, art – and a blooming garden.

Philipp Keyer is chasing a lost painting. It‘s his last chance to get back
on his feet professionally. He knows no scruples when he has to use
the young painter Alma to approach the owner of the painting. Too late Philipp realizes that he is becoming more and more addicted to the young woman…


Genre TV-Drama
Release 2017
Director Dominik Graf
Writer Markus Busch
Co-Producer Memento Film Berlin
Cast Victoria Sordo, Friedrich Mücke, Hildegard Schmahl, Emma Jane, Ernst Jacobi, u.a.
Germen Broadcaster BR

Beatle Meets Destiny

Imagine your name is John Lennon, but everyone calls you BeAtle. And then you meet your dream girl and her name is deStiny MccARtney. But you meet her on the world‘s most unlucky day – Friday, the 13th – and you‘re very superstitious. Not to mention that you‘re already dating the perfect girl, who happens to be your sister‘s best friend…
Beatle can‘t imagine ever leaving chARlie, who supported him after the stroke that changed his life and left him with a limp. Still, he knows that the only thing worse than staying with the wrong person is missing the chance to be with the right one.


Genre Romantic Comedy
Director Anna Justice
Writer Anna Justice (based on the novel by Gabrielle Williams)
Partners German Federal Film Fund (script development)
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